About us

We have created our services in a way, that provides the most comfortable kind of shopping for our clients, which means, that a single measure-taking is enough for such products as suits, and shirts. In the case of further orders all that is necessary, is to pick the fabric and model. Another convenient option is that our colleague, with sufficient experience to match the level of our service, visits our clients in their office or even in their home, presents the range of models and fabrics, performs the measure-taking, and provides advice on our garments.

Carefully chosen Italian manufactures

The quality of the finished product is guaranteed by the workmanship of the carefully selected Italian workshops, by the excellent quality of the raw materials, and last but not least by the know-how and experience of the parties involved in the process.

We recommend the AC su misura products for those, who:
•        appreciate the quick, time-saving way of shopping
•        desire top-quality garments
•        demand premium service
•        expect a broad and quality range of fabrics


Our made-to-measure suit can be put together from about 5000 types of fabrics, from different models, linings and buttons, fully suited to the client’s wishes, becomes a tangible product in the Italian tailor’s workshop. The measure-taking is done with the aid of a muster model. Thanks to this procedure and the skills of those involved in the process, only a single measurement is needed, guaranteeing a perfect body-fit.

Delivery times range approx 6-8 weeks.
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Our shirts, besides being tailor-made, can be personalized by varying the models, collars, cuffs. Monogram in optional place and with optional font, buttons made of mother of pearl, and the color of the thread, used for the button and the buttonhole, also can be chosen from a variety of possibilities.

Delivery times approx 4-5 weeks.

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Our company also offers a range of classic, exclusive, hand-made men’s footwear.
The German brand, Heinrich Dinkelacker earned it’s repute and outstanding place in the premium men’s shoes market through it’s company history, which goes back to the year 1879. In the 1960s the manufacture moved to Budapest, which city used to be known as the capital of the shoe making trade. Ever since Heinrich Dinkelacker meant the same to all the discerning customers from Germany, Switzerland, Austria or Japan: solid, long-lasting and unique men’s shoes.

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Our clients and their appearance are the most important for us up to the smallest details. For the perfect look necessary to choose the right accessories. We are taking care of refreshing our collections in every season with high-quality pieces which we carefully choose from small Italian manufactures. We strive for creating our selection from small series unique pieces, to make our clients wardrobe complete and special.
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