probababaOur product range covers made-to-measure suits, shirts and accessories, silk ties, leather belts.

Our products are made entirely by hand in Italy.

The suit can be put together from about 1,000 types of fabrics, in different models, linings and buttons, fully suited to the client’s wishes, which becomes a tangible product in the Italian tailor’s workshop. The measure-taking is done with the aid of a muster model. Thanks to this procedure and the skills of those involved in the process, only a single measurement is needed, guaranteeing a perfect body-fit.

In the case of shirts, besides being tailor-made, the products can be made special by varying the models, collars and cuffs.

Our collection of over 500 silk samples for ties is a rarity, from which we make three fold (normal) ties or seven fold ties. The length and width of the products can be specified.

Our belts are made from calf-skin, and they can be ordered in nearly 60 different colors and textures, be it smooth, split or lacquered leather.

Delivery times range from 5-6 weeks in the case of suits, to approx. 3-4 weeks in the case of shirts, belts and ties.